Yoga & Fitness


Connecting to a 5000 year old tradition of saints and sages lends a unique quality to meditation and practice. I’ve had moments of feeling as I’m in presence of those who have done these techniques over centuries Says Chhavi Mittal who in 2004 started practisng yoga from gurus at ashram.”I felt guided and held by the grace of my tradition, its teachers, and its ancients” . Her personal practice informs her teaching, but she’s adamant that what’s right for one person might not be right for another. “My approach to teaching is holistic and individualized. It draws from my experience as a woman, yoga therapist, certified Pilates trainer, yoga tantra, Naturopathy and Ayurveda. I study the nature of minds and bodies as they fluctuate with the time of day, season, phases of life,”

“No dogma”  is what is current approach to teaching. “I try to teach a range of principles rather than rules,” she  believes and  keeps classes playful by injecting quirky observations  “It’s supposed to be ‘enlightenment,’ not ‘enheavyment.’ these forms not only strengthen our body’s foundation but most importantly equip us with the necessary skills to live a fully conscious and balanced life aiming to keep ill health at bay,  saving our health, wealth and relationships, upon which rests our happiness and success. 

Classes with student start with a discussion of there needs—physical or psychological—followed by a brief meditation or Pranayama. A yoga practitioner for nearly a decade chhavi has spent the past three years developing yoga programs for people with a variety of core cordination use pilates sequence and  ailments, including obesity , sciatica pain, migraine, and thyroid.